PRINX HiSeason 4S HS1
PRINX HiSeason 4S HS1 Tire Information


Prinx Tires, a Prinx Chengshan Tire North America brand, offers uniformity of quality to meet the precision needs of a wide range of vehicles. You’ll have confidence in Prinx Tires: they meet the highest global standard and are recipients of the 2021 “Outstanding Quality Brand Award” & 2021 “Industry Quality Model Award”.

prinx hicity hh2 all season - prinx tire


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  • Continuous rib design ensures stability and reduces abnormal wear
  • Utilizes our PNS (Pattern Noise Simulation) technology for reduced road noise and a quieter ride
  • Asymmetrical tread design improves handling and performance when passing and cornering
  • Four wide grooves improve traction and handling in wet conditions
  • Unique siping and pattern design provides improved braking in wet and snow traction
prinx hicountry a/t ha2 - prinx tire


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  • Unique tread pattern and wider footprint improves traction and stability in all terrains
  • Enhanced sidewall design for superior performance and durability in all terrains
  • Dual Pitch design with PNS (Pattern Noise Simulation) technology reduces noise and improves comfort in on-highway conditions
prinx hicountry h/t ht2 - prinx tire


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  • Dual steel belt with spiral wrap technology for improved uniformity and protection from heat buildup
  • Nano Blend Compound ensures consistency of performance through the life cycle
  • Multiple siping design features ensure all-season performance, shortened braking distances, and improved safety and performance
  • Central dual pitch design with PNS (Pattern Noise Simulation) technology reduces tire noise and improved ride comfort
  • Four wide grooves improve traction and handling in wet conditions
prinx hicountry m/t hm1 - prinx tire


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  • Wide pattern and block design improves stability and wear resistance in harsh conditions
  • Mud rippers in between shoulder tread blocks offer additional mud and debris extraction
  • Rugged sidewall design for protection in the off-road environment
  • Studdable using TSMI #15
prinx hicountry r/t hr1 - prinx tire


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  • Aggressive tread design features two and three-step tread blocks for added stability and durability when in rugged terrain
  • Mud rippers in between shoulder tread blocks offer additional mud and debris extraction
  • Mud movers in center tread blocks help clear mud and debris
  • Opposing rugged sidewall designs provide not only two great looks but offer additional protection from rocks and debris when off-road
  • Studabble using TSMI #15
prinx hifleet hl1 - prinx tire


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  • 3PMSF certified for proven performance in all-weather conditions
  • 4 central wide grooves for excellent water evacuation in wet conditions
  • Features high-depth sipes with multiple biting edges to improve driving safety in various road conditions
  • Specialized tread compound to effectively improve cut and chip resistance 
  • Tie-bar linked tread blocks with optimized shoulder blocks increases footprint to prevent irregular wear 
  • Thicker under-tread combined with a reinforced belt design prevents punctures and ensures drive safety 
  • Strengthened sidewall construction for improved load capability and durability against curb damage
prinx hirace hz2 a/s - prinx tire


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  • Nano Blend Compound ensures consistency of performance through the lifecycle
  • Unique pattern design evacuates water, reduces hydroplaning, and improves braking and wet handling performance
  • Utilizes our PNS (Pattern Noise Simulation) technology for reduced road noise and a quieter ride
  • The asymmetrical tread design, along with the higher speed ratings, improves handling and performance at highway speeds
prinx hiseason 4s hs1 - prinx tire

PRINX HiSeason 4S HS1

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  • 3PMS rated with advanced compounding achieves outstanding control in snowy and wet conditions.
  • Increased sipe density resists aquaplaning and consistent wet braking performance is maintained by full-depth sipes throughout the tire’s lifespan
  • Cutting edge ‘snow plow’ elements at the lug’s base improve traction in freezing temperatures and snow
  • Innovative profile design ensures a safe journey with enhanced driving stability through ladder-shaped grooves
  • Non-directional pattern and lateral sipes allow for extended tread wear, easy rotation, and increased lifespan of the tire.
  • 70,000-Mile / 110,000-KM limited treadwear warranty
am210 - prinx tire


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  • Four rib unique tread design for improved traction
  • Optimized footprint for improved weight distribution
am211 - prinx tire


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  • Special wear resistance compounds for longer service life
  • Unique crown grooving for better heat dissipation
  • Optimized casing for enhanced performance and retreadability
ar602 - prinx tire


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  • Confident performance in all weather conditions
  • SmartWay verified thanks to low rolling resistance design
  • Even distribution across tread area to prevent wear
  • Fuel-conscious and environmentally friendly driving experience
dh106<sup>et</sup> - prinx tire


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  • Optimized block design for enhanced traction and longer mileage 
  • Closed shoulder design promotes even shoulder wear and longer mileage
  • Optimized sipes enhances starting and braking
  • Low rolling resistance, SmartWay® Verified
  • Comes with a 2 retread casing warranty 
dh131 - prinx tire


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  • Closed shoulder design for high-speed performance, longer mileage, and minimized shoulder wear
  • Specially designed pattern block shape and surface area improves tire grip and traction
  • 27/32nds tread depth
  • Unique siping for better heat dispersion and enhanced traction
dm212 - prinx tire


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  • Special high scrub compounds for better service life and resistance to chips and cuts
  • Enhanced casing design for better durability and optimal weight distribution
  • Tread base designed for effective stone ejection and to prevent stone drilling
  • Low void design for enhanced driving performance in extreme conditions
dr601<sup>et</sup> - prinx tire


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  • Confident performance in all weather conditions
  • Extended useability through reduced rolling resistance
  • Even distribution across tread area to prevent irregular wear
  • Fuel-conscious and environmentally friendly driving experience
psl1<sup>et</sup> - prinx tire


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Unmatched Load-Bearing Capacity: Designed with a higher load index and a robust 16-ply rating, our tire effortlessly accommodates heavier tractors, excelling in the most challenging long-haul applications.

Green Efficiency Guaranteed: Certified SmartWay verified, our tire boasts a superior tread compound that optimizes fuel efficiency, while also reducing your carbon footprint, making it an eco-conscious choice.

Lasting Performance Mile After Mile: The combination of a continuous shoulder and a strategically placed decoupling groove ensures consistent and enduring wear throughout the tire’s life.

Drive with Confidence: Innovative groove siping and advanced stone ejectors work in harmony, safeguarding against irregular wear and protecting the tire’s casing from potential damage.

Built to Endure and Economize: Engineered with a superior casing capable of enduring multiple retreads, our tire maximizes its lifespan, delivering long-term cost savings and dependable performance.

5-Year Limited Warranty 2 Retread Guarantee

ptl1 - prinx tire


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Optimized Tread Compound: Equipped with a specially formulated tread compound tailored for superior wear and tear resistance. This ensures the tire can withstand the toughest challenges posed by spread axles, providing an extended service life and reducing downtime.

Rounded Shoulder Design: Unlike traditional tire designs, the Prinx PTL1 boasts a rounded shoulder. This innovative feature disperses the large lateral forces generated during turning. As a result, the tire’s shoulder is protected from cutting damage, offering durability and extended tread life.

Shoulder Groove Bottom with Big Angle Zigzag Design: The tire’s shoulder groove bottom is engineered with a big angle zigzag design, enhancing the stability of the shoulder pattern blocks. This improves fatigue and tear resistance, and minimizes the impact of lateral forces during operation.

Stone Ejector and Gradient Design: The center grooves of the Prinx PTL1 incorporate a stone ejector system that effectively prevents debris and stones from becoming lodged in the tread. The gradient design in the bottom of the shoulder groove enhances traction and water dispersion. These features promote a longer-lasting tread and increase the potential for retreading.

Big Bead Filler and High-Strength Rim Cushion: The Prinx PTL1 is engineered to handle high-load applications common in spread axle trailers. Adopting a big bead filler and high-strength rim cushion, this tire effectively resists the significant lateral forces experienced during turns, ensuring maximum stability and safety during operation.

th107 - prinx tire


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  • Four groove design for stability and better water evacuation
  • Groove protectors to prevent stone drilling and retention
  • Unique shoulder design to promote even wear and longer mileage
  • Optimized footprint for low rolling resistance and even wear
  • 12/32nds tread depth
  • SmartWay® verified
st01 - prinx tire


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  • Steel belted radial tire design for cooler running and durability
  • Continuous center rib for better stability and tracking
  • Nylon spiral wrap for improved uniformity and protection against heat buildup
  • All Season M+S Rated
  • For Trailer Service Only
st02 - prinx tire


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  • New polybutadiene rubber and optimized footprint shape ensures excellent wear resistance performance
  • Provides resistance to stone drilling
  • Unique sipe distribution offers good tire traction, handling and safety