Press Release Prinx Chengshan Tire North America (PCTNA) Urges US International Trade Commission to Reconsider Anti-Dumping Duties on Thai Tires

In a significant move, Prinx Chengshan Tire North America (PCTNA) passionately presented its case in Washington DC to the U.S. International Trade Commission on Tuesday, November 7th, highlighting concerns regarding proposed anti-dumping duties on Thai tire imports.

PCTNA underscored the profound significance of their testimony, given the potential repercussions on independent owner operators, consumers nationwide, and the vital network of independent tire distributors and independent commercial servicing tire dealers they serve.  

PCTNA’s network of dedicated independent tire distributors and independent commercial servicing tire dealers plays a pivotal role in the supply chain.  They rely on PCTNA to deliver competitive, high-quality Tier 3 tires precisely tailored to meet the requirements of smaller fleets and independent owner-operators. The dedicated dealers and distributors of PCTNA are profoundly concerned about the potential detrimental impacts that the imposition of anti-dumping duties on Thai-produced tires may have on their operations. These distributors serve as the vital link, ensuring that smaller fleets and independent owner-operators have access to affordable, top-quality tires and services for their operational needs.  

Samuel Felberbaum, President of PCTNA, addressed a critical point during the hearing. He clarified that tires imported from Thailand do not compete with the tier 1 and 2 TBR tires produced in the United States.  These tires are mainly sold through national account programs to larger fleets.  Instead, the focus should be on tier 3 tires like Prinx and Fortune, which constitute more than 95% of the tires purchased by smaller customers, comprised of independent owner-operators with fleets of 10 or fewer vehicles.  

In his testimony, Mr. Felberbaum emphasized a pressing concern: the limited production capacity in the United States; in particular, the absence of sufficient capacity for tier 3 tires. If anti-dumping penalties are imposed on Thai tire imports, it would inevitably result in price increases that disproportionately affect those least capable of bearing the additional costs. As a result, the production of tier 3 tires would inevitably shift to more cost-effective overseas locations to meet the ongoing customer demand.

Mr. Felberbaum passionately appealed for the Commission to arrive at a finding of “no injury” and for an immediate termination of the investigation. Prinx Chengshan Tire North America stands committed to preserving the interests of American consumers, independent tire distributors, independent commercial servicing tire dealers, and the independent owner-operators who form the backbone of the nation’s transportation network.


PCTNA is a driving force in automotive innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology and design to create cutting-edge products that redefine the driving experience.  The Prinx and Fortune brands are imported and sold exclusively in North America by Prinx Chengshan Tire North America, Inc. (PCTNA), and is a part of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. Prinx Chengshan has a rich history dating back to 1976 and specializes in the research and development of green, safe, high-quality, and high-performance TBR, PCR, and LTR tires.